I’ve learned that negotiating with a toddler is a lot like negotiating with a tiny, irrational dictator. Same energy

Ever tried convincing a little one to eat their five a day? It’s a battlefield of negotiations.

First, there’s the kindness approach: “Sweetie, veggies are like little superheroes for your tummy!” 🥦 Result: Blank stare.

Then, the reasoning stage: “See, carrots make you see in the dark like a superhero!” 🕶️ Response: Mommy, superheroes are not real. (Yes, this is the time when he has to start to question what’s real and what not…. 🙈🤷‍♀️

When all else fails, there’s the force strategy: “Open wide, here comes the airplane!” ✈️ Outcome: 1 extra hour cleaning for you….

Bedtime negotiations are a whole other saga. ⏰

Started giving 5-min warnings an hour before, thinking I’d outsmart the the little beast’s bedtime resistance. Spoiler alert: They still win. Every. Single. Time. 😴 #ToddlerNegotiations #MomLife

And don’t get me started on asking them to bring something. 🤷‍♀️ “Can you bring your shoes, sweetheart?” Cue 100 reasons why it’s impossible right now – too busy, too important, maybe later. 🙈 #ToddlerExcuses

Thankfully, Mamapaws has our backs with momspiration goods to keep us sane in the negotiation game! 🌟

Check out our website for some essentials. 💖 We keep adding to the loads🌟 https://mampaws.co.uk

To all the parents navigating the toddler negotiation minefield, You’ve got this! 🤣💪

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